Wow. You are mean, lady.

Hah. Go follow Nico!

No need to hide this identity!

And for that, your app has been denied! Just kidding. You know what to do! 48 hours for your url. :3

  • Your name: Noelle
  • Your timezone: GMT +8
  • Your RP experience: Two years~
  • Your character’s name: Nico De Niro
  • Your play-by or character face: Max Schneider
  • Your character’s talent: Dancer/Singer
  • An introductory post with a sample para under a Read More tab:

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Hopefully I don't need to file some R.O. for certain people in this school, yes?

I don’t think so, no. Keep it that way. 

Everyone, please follow~

Hello Kune! I love your app, haha. Send in your IRL with 48 hours. :)

  • Your name: Kune
  • Your timezone: GMT +7
  • Your RP experience (For how long you have been RPing): Since 2007
  • Random Question, what caught your eye in our RP?: I heard it was restarting? Happy anniversary!
  • Your character’s name: Adelaide Terrier
  • Your play-by or character face: Samantha Barks
  • Your character’s talent: Roleplaying, Psychoanalysis
  • An introductory post: 

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So, after about an hour of crying and running around like a headless chicken, we have actually compiled all the ships that ever happened in Thompson High. Spaced apart according to Generation. :3

Also, special mention to Dinda for being the walking Thompson High encyclopaedia, four for you Dinda.

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Okay, I’ll give you guys a prompt anyway.

Write about the most interesting person in Thompson High that your character has ever encountered. Go nuts.

Skipper here~

How y’all feeling?

I’m bored so do you guys want another prompt?


So this is the Google Doc/Excel file that will have the dorm numbers of all the current students. If your character’s name is not here, please send it in via the ask box. This will be the only time I’m posting it here, as it will be available in the links page in this blog.

To all those who are online, please send in your dorm numbers. It will be posted along with the diagrams later. If there’s any confusion, the post concerning dormitories is right here.